Guns Kill? – So Do Forks And Spoons!

spoonfatI think the image says it all.  But just in case, guns are but a mere tool.  Yes I will admit that guns make it very easy to kill, but it is still the act of a person that commits the act of killing.  Take away the guns (not that you could entirely….after all aren’t drugs illegal too?) and the same bad people will only find another method to commit their crime.  Bad people will always find a way to do bad things.  Don’t take away my right to defend myself just because an idiot used the same tool as me for the wrong reason.

Now to take on Obesity.  Obesity is such a major issue in our country today.  I feel it could be stopped with more silverware control laws.  Do people really need a fork with four tines when a three tine fork will do?  If we can remove these “high capacity” forks, we might can save a few lives!

-This Is Real Life!